Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Frightening Fridays Are Coming!

You know it's almost October. I know it's almost October. And we both know what that means. The end of baseball season, the fragrance of toffee apple-scented cologne, and BEING TERRIFIED OUT OF YOUR MIND BY A MADMAN WHO ISN'T RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT!

That's right. Frightening Fridays are back, and with any luck and a lot of caffeine and enthusiasm, I will be bringing you a host of terrifying new stories. And by "host," I mean "at least one, possibly two, three if you're lucky, and probably not four."

In the meantime, if this is your first experience with Frightening Fridays or your very first October, you should either read back through the archives, which I have very helpfully linked to below OR congratulate yourself on being born or for your safe landing on planet Earth. Either way, see you back here on October 7. Bring your most absorbent pee-pants.

Lots of love,


(Those archives I mentioned.)
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