Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools' Day Work Pranks to Play When You Work at Home

I work at home three days per week. And while you're thinking that this sounds delightful and are currently picturing me hanging out in my pajamas all day, that would be quite inaccurate because I don't own any pajamas.

It's also difficult when April rolls around and you want to play hilarious April Fools' Day pranks on your co-workers and wake up and realize that your co-workers are all miles away. So, here are some pranks that you can play when you work at home by yourself with only your cat for company.

1. Put water in your cat's food dish and food in her water dish. April Fool's, cat! Hahahahahahahahahahaha! Your Meow Mix is water, and your water is Meow Mix! That's hilarious!

2. Turn the shower on and then close the curtain so that your cat thinks you're in the shower, while you are really hiding behind the bathroom door. When she comes into the bathroom to sit on the side of the tub and wait for you to emerge so that she can see you in the nude, pop out from behind the door and shout, "April Fools', cat! I was behind the door the WHOLE TIME! And I'm wearing clothes, pervert!"

3. Leave the door to to the cabinet under your kitchen sink open and wait until your cat goes in to do her daily rummaging with your trash bag collection. Then, close it behind her! April Fools', cat! You're trapped in that cabinet until I decide to let you out! Hahahahahaha!

4. Open several cans, and every time your cat comes to see if you finally sprang for the wet food, show her that it's actually pineapple and shout, "April Fools', cat! It's only fruit, and you're a carnivore! Hahahahahahahaha!"

5. Pour beer on your cereal, and when your cat gets all up in your face wanting your leftover cereal milk, give it to her and be all, "Hahahahahaha, cat! It's beer! April Fools'!"

6. Get a big empty box. Tape it shut. And put it in the middle of your living room. As your cat tries to figure out a way to get into the box to no avail, shout, "Hahahahaha, cat! April Fools'! It's taped shut! No playing in that empty box for you!"

7. Put a stupid hat on your cat's head while it is sleeping and then take a picture and post it on Facebook. Hahahahaha, cat! April Fools' to you! Now everyone is going to laugh at how stupid you look in that hat!

Your cat will think these pranks are totally hilarious and will definitely not try to remove your face with her claws later when you are sound asleep. Have fun!


peach said...

but what if you DON'T HAVE a cat? can i have some suggestions for my philodendron?

The Honorable Mayor of Bethville said...

Repot it in a pot that is comically tiny and take pictures. :)