Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Thing in Refrigerator Important Culinary Find

During a recent archeological dig through his refrigerator, scientist Peter Cabot discovered what might be the missing link to something he cooked between 18 and 20 months ago.

The substance, brown and fuzzy in texture and smelling a bit like feta cheese, has been analyzed carefully. And Dr. Cabot has determined that it is neither fruit nor vegetable in origin. It may, in fact, be a meat product or something from the cheese family, based on a set of striations along one side of the substance that may have been made with some sort of cutting tool.

Entombed for at least the past 18 months behind a jar of pickles, the mystery substance was discovered during an excavation of the middle refrigerator shelf, where short things and jars are normally kept. It was wrapped in a plastic shroud that was possibly at one time a Ziploc bag of some variety. A brown oily liquid had seeped from the substance and contaminated other objects found nearby, including an onion from February and a container of yogurt dating back at least two weeks.

Cabot calls the substance, "An interesting find," and has been able to trace it back to what he refers to as his "Mediterranean period." During that time, Cabot was using a lot of shellfish and orzo pasta in his cooking. But further tests will have to be conducted before he can determine exactly what the substance is.

This is the biggest culinary discovery of this nature since a three-year-old Thanksgiving turkey was discovered in a garage refrigerator in Nebraska with the giblets still intact in 1996.


Johnny P. Coaltrain said...

Ahh yes the Nebraska Turkey discovery, I remember it well. I heard rumor those weren't giblets.

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