Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A-Thank You. A Thankyouverymuch.

This post was written to thank the adorable, wonderful, hilarious, awesome people who read Welcome to Bethville! on a daily (or even weekly or monthly) basis, have added me to their blog rolls, re-post links to other sites, follow WtB on Twitter, and are generally supportive of my blogging endeavors.

I appreciate everyone who drops by. In fact, I am painting a large mural of all of you on my living room wall, so if you want to be included, please send a detailed description of what you look like to themayorofbethville@gmail.com. If you aren't too ugly, I will immortalize you in finger paint and gaze up at your face as I eat my evening nachos.

Secondly! If you are on Facebook, and you aren't too busy, become a fan of Welcome to Bethville. I post exclusive content in the photo gallery, like "Fun with Donald Trump's hair" and "Historical figures with oversized food items" and I'm adding new things all the time. I'm also on Twitter as BethvilleMayor.

Thirdly! If you have any questions, comments, or things you would like to see posted, you can always contact me at themayorofbethville@gmail.com.

And lastly, thanks again for being such terrific, loyal readers. I only post every day to amuse you people. So, if I haven't fallen down the stairs and broken both of my legs, I'll see you tomorrow.


wilsonbilson said...

Yay for me!

Oh, and you too.

Allison said...

Just so we get this straight, when I am immortalized in your mural, I must have a gigantic rack. Just sayin'.

The Honorable Mayor of Bethville said...

@WB: Yay for everyone!

@Allison: How big are we talking here? I only have so much finger paint.

Allison said...

Just use your vast imagination. Since I don't have a giant rack in real life I suppose the next best thing would be to have one on your bad ass wall mural. hehe.

The Honorable Mayor of Bethville said...

@Allison: Wall bewbs!

Johnny P. Coaltrain said...

ooh ooh can my pick be next to Allison's...no reason.