Monday, October 5, 2009

Cheese and Rice Resurrected on the Third Day

What can be said of the delicious cheese and rice that was delivered unto us last Sunday at the church potluck? It was an unlikely combination of undercooked white rice, cream of mushroom soup, and aged cheddar. What might at first have looked like something Ethel just threw together using whatever she had on hand ended up being not too bad. I had several helpings of it myself before moving on to the Orange Dream Jell-O salad and washing it all down with several glasses of grape Kool-Aid.

Many amongst you were obviously more in favor of the deviled eggs that Sylvia made, which were gone within five minutes. But those who joined me in eating the cheese and rice went home that day with bellies filled with righteousness and a new appreciation for rice, cheese, cream of mushroom soup, and Ethel--who is now favorite parishioner, I might add.

After all the leftovers were put away, and we all went home to our respectable homes to watch football, all I've been able to think about is that cheese and rice. And hoping that it would keep well with only that piece of foil covering it.

And so, Wednesday, in the hopes of enjoying some cheese and rice for my lunch, I went down to the church kitchen, and alas, the cheese and rice was no more. It was apparently resurrected from behind the Waldorf salad and ascended to the mouth of some hungry and very selfish individual who didn't want to share the cheese and rice with the rest of us, particularly me. And so I pouted about it for several hours and finally had to eat a dried out bologna sandwich with Miracle Whip that may or may not have passed its expiration date. I am still very annoyed. And nauseated.

All that remains of the cheese and rice is an empty Tupperware dish and a hole in the back of the refrigerator where it sat for those three days. I really hope that hungry parishioner is pleased with his- or herself, depriving me of what I thought would be a tasty lunch.

But let us now, with reluctantly forgiving hearts, hope that one day Ethel makes the cheese and rice again. Maybe as soon as this Christmas or for the Easter potluck in the spring. Until then, we will just have to live with the memory of that wonderful cheese and rice and hope that we can have it again soon.

And now, let us sing from our hymnals on page 256 the first two verses of "Old Rugged Crockpot"...


lalaland13 said...

I do so love that "Old Rugged Crockpot." We sang it in church every Sunday when I was a wee one. Without instruments, of course. Because that's how God wanted it.

Brilliant as usual, Mayor.

The Honorable Mayor of Bethville said...

Did you sing it slowly and for many hours?

Johnny P. Coaltrain said...

I like my cheese and rice with Ketchup, is that a sin?

The Honorable Mayor of Bethville said...

@JPC: No, but mentioning the most heinous condiment that has ever existed on my blog is a crime. :)