Friday, August 7, 2009

Cooking on a Budget: Easy and Cheap Recipes You Can Make at Home!

Keeping an eye on your budget? Try making these simple recipes at home. All under $5 a serving.

1. This is a terrific recipe that was passed down by my mother and her mother before her. It's simple and delicious! Not to mention budget friendly.


1 c. cereal
1/2 c. milk

Pour milk over cereal. Eat cereal with a spoon.

A lot of people might enjoy Corn Flakes or Raisin Bran. But the real foodie in you might enjoy exploring other varieties like Honey Bunches of Oats or even Grape Nuts. Add sliced strawberries or bananas for a fruity twist!

2. This traditional recipe takes the yeasty fresh taste of bread and combines it with the salty flavor of butter. It's a definite favorite at my place! It's kid friendly, and adults love it too.


1 slice bread
1 tbsp. butter

Put slice of bread into toaster and push down the handle. When the toast pops up, put it on a plate and spread it with butter. Enjoy! Hint: You can do with with English muffins too. Or even bagels!

3. The combination of crisp crackers with the light saltiness of cheese has been around since the Roman emperor Augustus tried it back in 26 BC. It is said that Shakespeare himself dined on this delicacy. Thanks to modern refrigeration, now you can try it at home!

Cheese and crackers

1 box crackers
1 block of cheddar cheese

Slice cheese into thin bites. Put them on top of the crackers. Eat! Enjoy! For a clever twist on this snack, stack another cracker on top for a bite-sized sandwich!

4. Like eating international cuisine but afraid to make it at home? This simple dish with spicy salsa and crunchy tortilla chips is fast and fun to make! Viva la Mexico!

Chips and salsa

1 bag tortilla chips
1 jar salsa

Pour salsa into a bowl. Scoop up and eat with chips. Simple and delicious!

5. Ready for a bigger challenge? Hungering for something a little sweeter? Try this recipe on for size. The goodness of legumes with the slightly squashed flavor of flattened grapes. Yum!

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

2 slices bread
2 tbsp. peanut butter
1 tbsp. jelly

Spread peanut butter on one slice of bread. Spread jelly on the other. Put slices of bread together (make sure the peanut butter and jelly are facing!) If you're feeling really clever, you can cut into halves and enjoy it a piece at a time.

6. Eh, what's up, Doc? Vitamin A, that's what! Crunchy and wholesome, carrots have been eaten by rabbits and people alike for centuries.

Carrot sticks

1 carrot

Cut carrot into long, thin strips. Put into mouth. Chew. Swallow.

See future posts for more money-saving tips and recipes!


Trixie said...

another brilliant recipe:

open can of beans
heat them in a pot
eat with spoon right out of the pot

a tasty one-pot meal

p.s. can you tell my keyboard is still fucked?

The Honorable Mayor of Bethville said...

My keyboard did that the other day too. Except it was the t key. :)

Hm....I'll have to try that recipe. But how do you get the can open?

Dingo said...

Don't forget that it's possible to tweak these already delicious gourmet meals to stun family and friends when they come for dinner. My friends are often in awe of my lovely cereal spread and you should see their jaws drop when I present them with the choice of skim milk or 2%. I'm the talk of the town.

The Honorable Mayor of Bethville said...

@dingo: Sometimes I have strawberry jam AND grape jelly for sandwiches. OMG.