Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ruby, Stop Taking Your Love to Town Already. Jesus.

Ruby? Are you painting up your lips again? And are those rollers in your hair? Oh, Ruby. Didn't we talk about this? Didn't we talk about you not taking your love to town? No? You don't remember that conversation? Well, what about this one?

No? You don't recall that? How about this one?

I know for sure you'll remember this one.

Okay, you're asking for it, Ruby. The Pa Danby smackdown.

Fine, Ruby. Take your love to town. See if I care. God, you are such a whore.


Anonymous said...

That Ruby, what a slut!

nadarine said...

"But maaaaaaa! I keep telling you it's UNINCORPORATED. It's not really a town!"