Friday, September 5, 2008

School Days Are Here Again!

I always dreaded the start of school. I used to have nightmares starting mid-June about having to get up at 6 AM and wait for the school bus. Truth be told, I STILL have nightmares where they discover I missed out on a particular class and make me come back. It always ends with me screaming, "NO! NO! I have my college degree! See? Here it is! I don't want to go back!" And then I wake up to the comfort of being an adult. Not dreading tests I didn't study for. Not fretting about armpit sweat staining my prom dress. And certainly not wondering how I can eat lunch without anyone noticing that I actually ate anything. The comforting thing is, no matter what you went through in high school, someone out there knows how you feel. Even though you may have felt totally alone at the time, you can look back later and laugh and laugh at how silly it all was.

Anyway, today I discovered the completely hilarious Want to see how I spent my day? Do you? Okay.

Abraham Lincoln, class of 1970.

Darth Vader, class of 1958.

Elvis Presley, class of 1991.

Albert Einstein, class of 1990.

A California Raisin, class of 1974.

A male lion, class of 1962.

The Statue of David, class of 1978.

Skeletor, class of 1982.

Prince Charles, class of 1960.

Jaws, class of 1984.

Keep an eye out for female classmates in the next few days!

Have a yearbook photo to contribute? Email it to me at I'll post contributions in the next few weeks.


sigourneyfever said...

This is the greatest blog post of all time.

The Honorable Mayor of Bethville said...

@sigourney: Hee!

AmazonRedhead said...

I've created something especially for you. Check yo inbox.

The Honorable Mayor of Bethville said...

@amazonredhead: Ooooh, I know what will be filling my fantasies tonight. Yeah, baby. I hope he wears the glasses.

BlondeBee said...

OMG that dream!! It scares the shit out of me everytime! Evil counselor Ms. Kear makes me come back and re-take a class. And I start to fail it because, duh, I don't do student well anymore. And then they say I don't really have a HS diploma, and OMG I hate it!

So glad you are very weird with me.

Weirdnez - youz on mi level.


The Honorable Mayor of Bethville said...

@blondebee: I always think that eventually I'll stop having that dream, and then it starts up again. Always this time of year...